ANNOUNCING: In 6 hours at this 1 Day training, let 3 of Australia's leading experts show you how to create a plan to become financially free through property without all the hype, nonsense and unfounded promises.

“2012 will be a year of confusion and concern.
A perfect time for sophisticated property investors as
the ultra-successful always use downturns to create wealth...
knowing that average Australians sit in fear waiting for the recovery”

You have the choice of which group to model… sitting on the sidelines waiting for the great certainty that never appears (the masses) or taking action on opportunities that are hidden in every economic condition (the ultra-successful).


Property Investors:

Spend one intensive day with Australia's leading property, tax and finance experts and we'll give you answers to your property investment questions including:

  1. What's really going on with the economy and our property markets?

  2. What surprises should we look out for?

  3. What strategies will work in this new market place and just as importantly won't? (In fact we'll share 6 sure-fire ways to lose money in property this year - methods that many investors seem to be adopting.)

  4. Why you should ignore the commonly quoted property statistics and what you should be watching carefully.

  5. What's the best advice we can give you having considering we've invested successfully through previous downturns?


In today’s market turmoil the most important tool you need is unbiased truth.

Now, more than ever, is the time to listen to the experienced advice from people with a proven track record.

Get solid information from Michael Yardney, Australia's leading expert in wealth creation through property, finance strategist Rolf Schaefer and property tax expert Ken Raiss as they give you their years of experience and you'll walk out the door with an updated strategy that they have used personally to grow their own wealth.

For years these experts have been working with some of Australia’s most successful property investors, those who want to become even more successful, and now they’ll share their insights with you.

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A message from Michael Yardney:

Dear Property Investor,

If you are looking for the financial freedom or more choices in your life OR if you are in any way considering investing in property in the future and particularly if you already own an investment property or two, then this event is a must.

We will be covering topics to suit both beginners and advanced investors.

The property cycle is moving on, things have changed and there are so many mixed messages in the media. One day it's bad news, then next there is good news, which is followed by more bad news.

Think about it…

If you once gain do this year what you’ve done in the last couple of years, this will this help you achieve what you want to achieve.
Maybe a better question for some is, do you really know what you want to achieve?

Do you really know how you’ll attain financial freedom?

How many properties you’ll need and how you’ll manage to grow a property portfolio that size?

Most investors I speak with don’t have the answer to these questions and the facts show that very few property investors achieve the financial independence they strive for.

By the way... at our upcoming National Property & Economic Market Update training sessions I’m going to show you how to answer those questions and how to lay out a plan to achieve financial freedom by growing a significant property portfolio.

If this is of interest to you, please join us – just click here.

Unfortunately most property investors will run into some challenges this year because...

2012 will be a year of financial crises. But that does not mean it’s the best to do nothing. In fact more than at any other time it maybe appropriate for you take action.

For some this may be to protect your assets. For others it will be to secure your financial future.

What's really going on?

In some ways we are in uncharted waters and things are changing in front of our eyes.

There are so many mixed messages in the media. One day it's bad news, then next there is by good news, which is followed by more bad news.

Most people (even some of the so called experts) don't really know exactly what's happening or, more importantly, what's coming next. No wonder most investors don't know what to do next. That's why I am inviting you to join me at my upcoming "National Property & Economic Market Update" training.

It's times like this that perspective is critical. For well over a decade I've been providing insights and advice to both beginning and experienced investors, as well as to some very substantial investors and the national media.

Remember... We don't sell real estate and we don't do real estate deals with our clients… so our information is unbiased.

At this seminar I see my role as being to empower you with real knowledge, research and strategies that will help eliminate some of the confusion and allow you to quietly amass whatever level of wealth you want to achieve.

In other words, you will be able to protect your assets and if appropriate invest with confidence based on reality. No hype, not fear, not greed...

If you are wondering what's going to happen to our property markets over the next few years, you really must join me at our seminar.

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I’ve spent quite some time looking back over the past 6 property cycles and pouring over all the current research material and I’ve come to the conclusion that some so-called experts are being too pessimistic...

While others are too optimistic... It’s time to ‘peel away the layers of the onion’ and get to the heart of the matter and show you exactly how to know how to use perspective to position yourself to win in our current market conditions.

As things continue to unfold in 2012 and beyond, you will see informed and educated property investors using their knowledge and insights to capitalize on opportunities in very specific suburbs and neighbourhoods across the country (and avoid other areas).

For longer than we care to remember we have been showing people, just like you, how to become sophisticated property investors and how to take emotions out of the market, so you can make clear and correct decisions that propel you towards your financial goals.

At this seminar we will be available for you to use our experience, leverage our contacts and research, and lean on us as we show you the safe path and helping you completely avoid the risky routes.

This is a unique opportunity (because I'm conducting fewer seminars) for you to begin to build the financial security you seek, protecting you and your family's assets and to start to build and live your dreams.

Because we do NOT sell real estate I can be brutally honest on whichever way the market is really going.

I know my frankness often upsets those in the 'real estate education industry' who don't want the truth leaked out… but I'm fine with that. Truth empowers investors and helps them to identify where it's best to spend their precious time and where to avoid wasting it.

This means I won't be telling you about any get rich quick schemes, that you should trade properties, how to control a multi-million dollar portfolio with no money down or even, how to build 4 units, sell 3 and keep one debt free or buy renovate and sell or why you should invest in America.

Instead with unbiased information, I will show you how average Australians who have learned strategies that are known, proven and trusted have been creating above average results (in both good markets and in bad).

If above average returns, while minimising risks and creating your own financial independence is something that appeals to you then...

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By the way, these are the only public seminars I will be conducting with Rolf and Ken until the second half of the year, so don’t miss out.

I believe the information we are going to give you is so important that when your register I will gift you one FREE ticket to bring along a friend or colleague.

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You may ask “Why are these experts giving away their secrets for $99?”

The problem is that currently there is a whole new group of seminar presenters showing off their latest “get rich quick schemes” – many at free one, two or three day events.

While this may sound attractive, we’ve been around the block a few times and know that many of these strategies just don’t work, so we feel it is important to get the right information out in the market place. Information that is proven, trusted and works for ordinary Australians.

Because we believe the correct knowledge is so important at this critical stage of the property cycle, we want to get it in the hands of as many people as possible, so we’re literally running these seminars at our cost and we’re throwing in over $300 worth of valuable FREE bonuses as an “ethical bribe” for you to come and join us.

Think about it…who are you going to listen to and learn from?

Those who promise the ability to control millions of dollars worth of property with none of your own money and bypass the banks or maybe a course presenter who made millions of dollars in seven days?

Or you could listen to a team of experts with a track record that is known, proven and trusted. If you want to become a millionaire you've got to learn from multi millionaires, not just millionaires and definitely not from theorists.

This is not your typical wealth creation event. Our wealth comes from doing exactly what we are teaching - and not from speaking.

At our upcoming seminars finance strategist Rolf Schaefer, property tax expert Ken Raiss and I will show you how to develop the financial independence you deserve through smart property investment, renovation and development strategies.

But there will be no get rich quick strategies…

So while we won't (in fact can't) show you how to get rich overnight, or without any money at all, or without you doing a bit of hard work; we can show you how you can become financially independent by building a very substantial property portfolio over a number of years.

Especially if you set yourself up correctly NOW - so you are set for the next stage of the property cycle.

Remember Warren Buffet wisely said "Wealth is the transfer of money from the impatient to the patient."

Now what do I mean by setting yourself up correctly?

Financial success in this new property era will require much more that just buying the right type of property. It will require having the right finance strategies and the correct asset protection and tax strategies.

The times ahead will be challenging, there will be pot holes and land mines along the road and this is the time, more than ever that you need an experienced guide to show you the way.

That's because the new financial era has brought some serious implications for our property and finance markets that will create some traps, but also some real opportunities. Having said that…looking back over years I have always made my biggest profits in property by investing counter-cyclically.

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After much research, consultation and brainstorming we have updated some of our strategies, fine tuned others, devised some new ones and discarded some old ideas.

Yes times are changing and we had to make some adjustments to protect our personal portfolios and to allow us take advantage of the opportunities the markets will dish up later this year. And so should you. Rolf, Ken and I recognise that to become wealthy and to retain that wealth in the long term you need 4 things:

  1. The right knowledge - updated for the current times.

  2. The correct investment vehicle - the tax department has published some of its ideas lately – so make sure you are up to date.

  3. The right mindset - the rich definitely think differently to the average Australian.

  4. The right network - there is really no such thing as a self made millionaire - you need the right people around you.

And at these seminars we will be covering all 4 of these important aspects of wealth creation.

  • I will give you the knowledge on how to take advantage of the property markets in 2012 and beyond and how to avoid the traps. Rolf Schaefer will teach you powerful finance strategies for today’s challenging finance climate. Ken Raiss will discuss assets protection, trusts, changes to superannuation rules and tax.
  • Many people see the best investment vehicle for most Australians is residential property but the property markets are changing and the rules are very different to a few years ago. And I will explain this difference and which properties you should buy and more importantly what not to buy.
  • We will explain how the rich become richer by having the right mindset. They think in a certain way and do things in a certain way.

“Bring Us Your Biggest Goals for Financial Success and We'll Spend One Intensive Day Helping You Master the Proven Success Strategies Needed to Achieve Them"

If you plan on attending at least one seminar this year, then this is one you must attend. You may as well learn from Australia’s leading experts.

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At these seminars I will lay out in front of you where I see our property markets heading over the next few years and what I am personally doing about it. These are the only seminars of this type we will be conducting together for many, many months.

See Australia's leading property, finance and tax experts and it won't cost you a fortune. For just $99 (plus you can bring a friend for FREE) you get to take advantage of this unique event ... you get to hear the proven strategies showing you how to build your property portfolio and how to protect your assets, straight from the masters' lips.

PLUS you also get my personal MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that you will benefit from the session and over $300 worth of valuable FREE wealth creation bonuses (more on this later).



We will be covering topics to suit both beginners and advanced investors, so even if you have heard us before you MUST attend as we will all be discussing new material we have never taught in public before and that you won't find in our books. 

We have to introduce new ideas, as this market is very different to before! Of course we'll be covering many of the basics you have heard before - but who knows? You may pick up a little distinction or two.

You should attend if you want:

  • More choices in your life
  • More freedom in your life
  • More money
  • To learn how to use property to achieve some or all of the points above
  • You want to protect the assets you already own
  • You know you need to do something different, but you’re not sure what it is
  • You want to find out a bit about how to get started in property renovations and development.

In fact, I highly recommend that you come with your friends, family and other people you spend significant amounts of time with.

And I'll tell you why ... because people who are serious about getting to the next level personally or professionally know that a key factor is having the support and enthusiasm not just on the inside, but on the outside, as well.

You want your spouse and your friends right there with you, operating with the same mindset, new insights, awareness and tools to catapult you to the next level of success. Doesn't it just make sense to them operating from the same space? It's so much more fun and exciting.

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"But Wait, Michael, I've Already Read the Books!"

"Will I benefit from attending the workshop if I already read your books?" has been one of the most common questions I’m always asked.

My answer is "Absolutely!" I believe this so strongly that I guarantee it...or your money back. Through my own work and experiences, as well as the many studies I've read, repetition IS the key to success. And let's face it – implementation can be difficult when you're working on your own with only printed words as your teacher. And as I’ve said we will be introducing relevant new content at these events.

Here’s a sneak-peek of what you’ll discover at our “National Property & Economic Market Update” training...


Learn from Australia's leading experts and educators, Michael Yardney, Rolf Schaefer and Ken Raiss.

If you’ve been following my blogs you probably know that I am a property investor and developer and many people consider me Australia's leading expert in wealth creation through property. In fact I was recently voted Australia’s leading Property Investment Adviser.

I’ve probably educated more successful property investors than anyone else in Australia over the last 10 years.

Since 1979 my team and I have bought, sold, advised, invested in, finances, negotiated for, built and project managed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate for our clients.

I have invested and traded through 5 major property cycles and I am prepared for this new one now.

On the day I will discuss:

  1. My thoughts on what will happen to the property market in each State over the next few years. The markets will be very different over the next few years and there are many bear traps to watch out for. Yet there will be tremendous opportunities! And some investors will know how to take advantage of these while others will be left behind, possibly to their financial detriment.

  2. The key indicators that help you read with clarity the volatile property market cycles and know with certainty where the next cycle is focused (what the big players in property have known for years).

  3. What you need to do differently at this stage of the property market. I have invested in, developed and traded property successfully since 1970. I have made my biggest profits at this stage of the property cycle, by knowing what to look for. This is now the 6th major property cycle I have been part of. Let me show you what's ahead and how to take advantage of the opportunities. 

  4. What I have learned about how to take advantage of this stage of the cycle from my mentors and coaches. I will explain what the multimillionaires and billionaires are doing. You may as well get your learning's from the best - you can always scale back the size to suit you.

  5. What properties I am buying now and what properties to avoid. I will discuss how my selection criteria have changed to suit the changing markets. This is not just theory - this is exactly how I have increased the value of my own property portfolio substantially over the last few years.

  6. My new updated strategy that replaces my older living off equity model. The world of finance has changed and so have my strategies.

  7. The 4 levels of investor and the 4 levels of wealth. Until you understand this important concept you are most likely going to be investing the wrong way…remember most property investors never own more than 2 properties. 

  8. How to make your property investments out perform the market. Who wouldn't want to know this?

  9. I will explain a little about how to get started in property renovation and development.

  10. In a nutshell - I will lay out a roadmap for you to take advantage of the times ahead.

  11. The psychology of super successful property investors. We'll talk about your current wealth mind set and how to adjust your mind set for financial success. I'll explain the specific limiting wealth beliefs and attitudes that may be personally holding you back from the success you desire… and how to explode these limits once and for all I will show you why knowledge and skill alone do not create wealth.

Introducing Rolf Schaefer
Rolf is a Director of Metropole Finance and one of Australia’s leading finance strategists. Rolf was voted Australia’s best mortgage broker by Your Investment Property Magazine for the last 2 years and on the day will share his wealth of knowledge about how to best use property finance to fund investments including:

  1. Some little known, but powerful finance strategies to help you grow your property portfolio. The banks are still happy to lend money, if you know who to ask, how to approach them and in which order. We'll let you into some insider knowledge at these sessions. 

  2. How to make yourself and your loan applications more attractive to the banks.

  3. Five powerful finance strategies to allow you to borrow more from the banks to help you grow your property portfolio.

  4. What’s going to happen to our economy and interest rates and what you should do about it. Rolf’s discussion about our economy and its impact on property was one the most popular segments at our last seminars.

  5. Should you fix some of your loans to protect from rising interest rates, or maybe all of your loans or do you remain on variable interest rates?

  6. Which banks are still happy to lend money, if you know who to ask, how to approach them and in which order. And it’s probably not how you think you should approach the banks - we’ll let you into some insider knowledge at this session

  7. The importance of checking your credit file before the banks do.

  8. Plus much more...


KenIntroducing Ken Raiss
Asset Protection, Tax Strategies and Structuring.

Ken who has been an accountant since 1982, is a Director of Chan & Naylor Australia and created their “Platinum Services” arm that caters for clients with more complicated structure, taxation, asset protection and compliance needs.

Ken has established businesses and trading entities in Asia, Europe and the Unites States for a large publicly listed multi-national corporation, as well as representing the group to international investors. He maintains an avid interest in property and owns a sizeable property portfolio himself.

Here’s just a glimpse of the asset protection, legal tax saving and money making info that Ken will cover on the day...

  1. Save money and get peace of mind! You'll see the steps that can be taken to protect properties under your personal names without having to transfer to a trust and pay capital gain tax and stamp duty. (This strategy, previously only known to the rich and powerful, can now be yours!)

  2. Whose name should you use to take finance or does it really matter? If you have an advanced structure such as hybrid discretionary trust to hold properties, you need to know the answer.

  3. How trusts can safe guard your assets from litigation. You get a detailed explanation of different types of trusts and their impact on asset protection and why you should take this advice on board now, and not later!

  4. Different ways to set up JV partnerships and ownership. How the Legal Ownership of a property is completely different to the Beneficial Ownership of the property. This could have a huge impact on your borrowing capacity.

  5. How the wrong use of trusts can cost you dearly. See and hear a detailed explanation of different types of trusts for different situations and which one best suits you and your circumstances.

  6. Learn how to leverage the money in your SMSF to buy property to get a much bigger return with the use of a geared strategy into direct property.

  7. See what the Rich know that the Poor do not and Save thousands. Tax tips that you wish you had been told earlier will now be revealed on the day.

  8. See how efficient use of estate planning and asset protection strategies have the additional benefit of assisting and improving the 4 taxes that erode your property investment and how they can be eliminated or at least minimised. Ken will show you a case study to reveal how you can achieve this legally.

  9. See how to pass your assets to your children without the Fear of Losing it to their spouse in the event of their Divorce or paying more tax than you have to. Give your children the best start in life while safe guarding their future. See how asset protection works from one generation to the other and help your children to get started the right way.

  10. See the strategies and techniques that the Rich use to legally minimise stamp duty, capital gains tax, land tax. These are available to the average person. 

  11. 80% of people turn a Tax Deductible Line of Credit into a Non Deductible Line of Credit by parking their wages. Most people think they are saving a lot of money by doing this but in fact it’s costing them a huge amount of tax.

  12. How to Buy and Sell Properties and pay no tax. When one transfers from accumulation to retirement one must have the property in the right structure to avoid the tax and costs that accompanies this transition.

  13. A strategy that allows you to Claim Tax at 46.5% while earning taxable income and pay no tax on rent received in pension. Imagine you can claim tax at your marginal tax rate whilst you are paying high tax and when you retire you can pay no tax on your rental properties.

  14. How to protect your properties when they are held in your own name and to minimise tax. There are 3 ways to do this, Equity Shift, Equity Bank, Family Estate Agreement.

  15. Business Restructure Trust. If you run a larger business see how you can protect the assets including goodwill within the business.




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DATE: Saturday 10th March 2012
TIME: 8:15 registration and 9:00am start; finish at 5:30pm
VENUE: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Cnr Merivale & Glenelg Sts, South Bank, Brisbane, 7000.


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DATE: Saturday 17th March 2012
TIME: 8:15 registration and 9:00am start; finish at 5:30pm
VENUE: The Sydney Masonic Centre,
Banquet Hall, SMC Conference & Function Centre, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney, 2000.


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DATE: Saturday 24th March 2012
TIME: 8:15 registration and 9:00am start; finish at 5:30pm
VENUE: Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Auditorium, Exhibition Centre Entrance, 2 Clarendon Street, Southbank, Vic 3006.


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DATE: Saturday 14th April 2012
TIME: 8:15 registration and 9:00am start; finish at 5:30pm
VENUE: Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000.


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DATE: Saturday 28th April 2012
TIME: 8:15 registration and 9:00am start; finish at 5:30pm
VENUE: Hyatt Regency Perth, 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA 6000.



Now, in case you’re wondering, we have no properties for sale and when you come along to this event I will not try to sell you any property. So now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s look at…


7 Reasons Why You Must Stop What You Are

  1. Recently there have been massive changes in the property market and in the world of finance and there are more changes to come. If you're not on top of what's happening, you could be taking unnecessary risks or even missing out on thousands of dollars in extra profit.

  2. The presenters have personally completed tens of millions of dollars worth of property transactions each following principles that have been proven to work over time and so have our clients. That's why I know they can work for you too.

  3. We're Australians teaching Australians how to make money in the local property market. We know our stuff because we're constantly immersed in it, so our teachings are all relevant to our current markets.
  4. Over the years we've made plenty of mistakes and at this event we want to share some of them with you, so you can avoid the pitfalls AND potentially save yourself thousands of hard earned dollars.

  5. All 3 presenters have attained the financial independence they initially set out to achieve through property. Interestingly none of them chose to retire, but they are now living the lifestyle they choose. Imagine being able to spend every single day doing what you love!

  6. As well as the powerful strategies we teach at our events, one of the other things I always get awesome feedback about is the opportunity our events provide for you to network with a room full of like minded property investors from a wide range of experience, levels and passions. One contact could literally turn out to be worth millions of dollars!

  7. We personally believe very strongly in the concept of ethical education. There will be no get rich quick schemes or dodgy deals presented. In fact we may not make it sound as easy as you would like it to be. But we are not going to tell you what you want to hear... we are going to tell it like it is. But isn't that what you really want - sound, honest, proven advice?

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As a thank you for booking in to this event, you will also receive
seven special bonuses valued at $300:

  1. The 18 Key Traits of Successful Property Investors - Special AUDIO PROGRAM. What do profitable and successful property investors have in common? What traits or habits distinguish successful property investors from the average? What do effective investors do differently that puts them a notch or two above the rest? This audio programme tells you. Value - $49.

  2. How to make sure you don’t pay too much for your next property - a special CD that includes a 1 hour interview with Michael Yardney. Listen in as Michael shares some tips about how to buy well in our current property market. Value $49.

  3. Asset Protection for Existing Assets – an EBook By Ken Raiss explaining how to protect your assets without using a trust or triggering tax. Value $49.

  4. An Insiders Guide to Property Investing – AUDIO PROGRAM. An interview with Michael Yardney. Listen in as Michael gives his insights into how to take advantage of the current property market. Value $49.

  5. How You Can Profit From the Current Property Markets – AUDIO PROGRAM. An interview with Michael Yardney. Value $49.

  6. The Five Essentials To The Acquisition of Property - another great "how to" eBook by Ken Raiss of Chan & Naylor. Value - $49.

  7. As a special thank you, we are giving you one FREE seat for a friend.

“I have always been interested in property, but didn't know how to get into the investment side of things. All I knew was that I wanted to take control of my own destiny and Michael’s seminar showed me how.”
Elliot Martin

“I was looking to grow my existing portfolio that would stay sustainable and give me a way forward. An informative, value for money seminar - in itself a great investment.
Tony Forrow

“It was encouraging to meet other people who were just as keen as me to invest in property. I’ll certainly put my name down to learn more. Property really is my vehicle.”
Nathan Cagaliba

Remember, you never learn less, so please avail yourself of the opportunities to learn more about becoming financially independent through property.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the day.

Michael Yardney

P.S. If you think you have heard it all before and that this information is nothing need this more than anyone! You stop stop earning. We guarantee there will be several things we reveal that you are not doing and you should be!
P.P.S. Your chance to attend an event like this doesn’t come along every day. If you’re serious about achieving success in the next 12 months, this is your perfect opportunity to do it. Secure your seats now!

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